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With the new season, comes a new wardrobe but we would be lying if we didn't admit to updating our makeup as well... So now that we are mid-June we think it's perfectly acceptable to start pulling out our summer makeup looks! Regardless of whether you're jetting off to somewhere tropical or just enjoying the sunshine right here at home, we can all get a little bit more adventurous. We are showing our top 3 summer makeup looks that you can easily integrate and adapt to suit your lifestyle during the warmer months. There is nothing more gorgeous during the summer...

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Alex Tunstall


So its valentines day and we are all about to be bombarded with a million and one different 'valentines day makeup looks' either on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, blogs, pretty much every form of social media in existence, but lets be honest while they are gorgeous, a lot of them are a bit well… complicated. And I think it's fair to say majority of us are no where near as talented as these professional or "amateur" makeup artists with their super sharp cut creases and ultra supreme blended contour, so this valentines day we are going to strip it back down...

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