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    Autumn is right around the corner and with it being our favourite season, it is only right we get a wardrobe update for it. Unless you are just naturally a style goddess (lucky you), we all need a little inspiration to get our style ideas going for the new season, so we thought we would round up some of our current favourite looks...

    We do love a good trend, however it isn't always wise to go crazy on each one, instead we much prefer to stick to the classics with a few pieces of the current trends that fit into our own personal style.

    The ones we are loving for this upcoming Autumn Winter season is animal print (we told you the leopard was not going anywhere any time soon). Due to the all the different tones that leopard comes in, it is easy to find one that looks beautiful on you. We are also loving how our usual Autumn camels, nudes and beige tones have taken a bit of a deeper tone and moved into the browns for 2018. Silky pieces have been doing the rounds for a while now however they are set to shine (literally) this season when paired with chunky knits, sartorial goddess who? Lastly, the trend we are seeing everywhere is tweed, whilst we won't be buying a head to toe tweed look, a super cute mini skirt would look oh so Cher Horowitz, and who wouldn't want that?!

    We are also loving all our classic Autumn pieces once again for 2018, such as wrap wool coats, chunky knits, over the knee boots, and obviously, it is really even Autumn if you dont have leather somewhere in your outfit?

    Let us know in the comments below what trend you're loving for this Autumn, or your go-to look. And of course, if you are the type of woman that couldn't care less about anything other than her pjs when the dark Autumn nights creep in, (our kinda girl) then our beautiful stylish nightwear is ready and waiting to be owned by you here.


    Without a doubt, Rosie Huntington-Whitely is one of the most gorgeous women on earth, yet somehow we often find ourselves coveting something other than her perfect pout, luscious locks and handsome husband - her fab wardrobe!

    We're going to run through all of the tips and tricks we have taken from her style over the years to help elevate our own wardrobes.

    Rosie knows all too well that a perfectly placed accessory elevates a simple basic look into something effortlessly cool and stylish and her go-to accessory of choice is most definitely a fedora. Luckily for us, this is very easy to replicate, jeans, tshirts, heeled boots, fedora - and there you have it, perfect Rosie style.

    One thing Rosie knows how to do well is pull together basics in a beautifully polished look. Easily achievable for us all, as we already own similar pieces. Noted that Rosie usually achieves a more elevated look by either adding heels, a silky piece or a smarter piece such as a blazer. Essentially she is model off-duty perfection.

    One thing we see again and again in Rosies outfits is leopard. Whether it is a shirt, a skirt, a coat or a dress, Rosie knows how to style it, pairing it with neutral colours, Rosie always lets it be the statement piece in her outfit. 

    If you only learn one thing from Rosie's style, it should be that a good coat is everything. It can basically be the entire look like the teddy coat above (dream!) or that it has the ability to transform your look. Whether she is going for something more chic, something more relaxed and cool or something more boho, it is always her coat/jacket choice pulling it together.

    One our favourite looks from Rosie is her gorgeously pretty day dresses. Simply pair with some beautiful heels, an equally pretty bag and some glossed locks and call yourself Rosie because you are practically there, (maybe that is a little too optimistic... but we can try!).

    Let us know in the comments below which one of the above looks is your absolute fave and also which look you're going to try and recreate in your own wardrobe!



    The annual Met Gala has come round once again, with a brand new theme, brand new dresses and brand new looks for us to channel our inner Tyra Banks with, aka judge with scrutiny...

    Now, whilst we love a gal that can stick to the theme and look beautiful whilst doing so, (they are the true winners!). Some of the ladies in attendance clearly just dont want to partake, (which there seemed to be a few of this year... *cough* Kylie! *cough* Kendall). However we will not be disqualifying any ladies from our favourites if they looked fabulous. That being said we are going to run you through our favourite dresses, makeup and hair. FYI the theme for 2018 was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. 


    These ladies are serving us all the soft pretty princess vibes and we are loving it. Sort of rapunzel, meets galactic... meets catholic? Our favourites have got to be Winnie, who looks a vision in all white, keeping it simple and beautiful and Hailey who has wowed us once again this year with her pastels, (admittedly, we aren't really seeing Catholic Imagination though!).

    Now these beautiful ladies managed to looked sensational whilst remaining within the realms of the theme. With tons of embellishments and brocade in stunning jewel toned gowns, all these ladies looked like queens, albeit Amber looks like a bit of an evil one, but that just makes us love her look even more.

    Golden goddess visions were all over this years met gala. We think Rosie's look perfectly encapsulates the theme of Catholic Imagination, and she looks stunning doing so. We are also loving Kim K's randomly placed crosses thrown into her obvious cleopatra look, hey, we did say we like someone who tries to fit the theme!


    Now we know Bella is a supermodel, but still, this skin is worth celebrating. A stunning, super simple, glowy look with gorgeous gold liner as the statement, love. Of course Kim K did another iconic look, are we ready for the million and one tutorials about to be uploaded onto youtube? As we stated with the dress, very cleopatra, and is that a hint of green we see under the eyes?! Lastly, Lily's makeup was a most definitely a favourite this year, glossy and light with crystal tears that were truly stunning.


    I mean, c'mon, these were the obvious choices for hair favourites... Jasmine's braid couldn't be any more beautiful if it tried. Roses, ribbons and chain all intertwined with her gorgeous blonde hair and we are officially in love. And whilst everyone else can't stop obsessing over her date, we can't obsessing over Hailey's pink bob! Jen Atkin really outdid herself with this one, a gorgeous tousled wave in this stunning pastel pink colour, perfectly finished with a flower jewelled crown, wow! Lastly, Amber's hair was dipped in gold... dipped. in. gold. do we need to say anything more?

    We are aware the more avant garde looks are not our taste and so never make it to our favourites, so let us know in the comments below who your favourites were this year...



    When we think of someone who we deem as 'stylish' our minds jump straight to Olivia Palermo. Effortlessly chic, always polished and never something expected, she truly wins in the style stakes. If we could steal any celebs wardrobe, she would most definitely be one of the top people on our list! There is a few tips and tricks we have noted over the years and we are going to run you through some of our faves...

    Put your best foot forwardoliviapalermo1Olivia Palermo undoubtedly has the best shoe collection, ever! I think it's fair to say that sometimes her shoes alone make her entire outfit. So, in short, to look like an uber stylish fashion goddess pair a simple pair of jeans and a basic top with some killer bold shoes and call it a day.

    Synch it inoliviapalermo2If there is one thing Olivia knows how to do well, it is how to dress for her body type. We regularly see Olivia belting her entire outfit to ensure her look is as flattering as possible. Jackets, Jumpers, Dresses, essentially anything and everything, Olivia shows us that sticking a belt around it can really elevate your look.

    Be unexpected oliviapalermo3Now would we really be discussing Olivia Palermo's style if we didn't talk about prints? More importantly, mixing prints. This girl is an absolute pro at pulling off a print and knowing which prints look good together. This is also true for her take on textures. Our advice to pulling these tricky looks off would be to try combining at least 2 in one single outfit. So moving forward, remember... 2 prints / 2 textures / 1 print & 1 texture, etc.

    Stay chic oliviapalermo4We love nothing more than seeing what Olivia is wearing on her off-duty days strolling around new york. Unshockingly she even manages to pull off a pair of jeans and flats into something more polished and fashionable. Note that it is all in the details... faux fur trims, a printed bag, embroidered trainers, add something a little extra, always.

    Balance it outoliviapalermo6

    Whilst Olivia rocks more feminine outfits most of the time, she certainly knows how to do menswear. Adding small girly details to these looks show how she has a natual talent for styling.

    Polish & perfect your look oliviapalermo5Lastly, we know we are talking about Olivia's style, but would it really be complete without her super shiny tresses and perfectly polished makeup? We think not. It is clear she knows what works for her and sticks with it. One thing we know is the sooner we do this ourselves, the better.

    Is there a particular look that comes to mind when you think 'Olivia Palermo style' or any of these tips that stand out to you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! Until next time...

    Pretty You London Signature