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    We have finally had our first snow here in the UK and that means winter has officially arrived. While we love the aesthetic of it, when we have to schlep to work everyday and it feels like -4 degrees, we don't love it as much...

    With that being said, somehow we still manage to get excited when it comes to our outfits/new wardrobe. We thought we would do our usual outfit inspo for the new season and let you know what we will be wearing when we aren't in our pyjamas and slippers!

    Large oversized teddy coats were all of our best friends last winter, and we aren't willing to give them up yet. Super cosy and incredibly warm, we can all be snuggly grown women teddies together...

    Something new this season for us is head to toe knit. While we obviously wear tons of chunky jumpers every winter, we haven't started with the oh-so-cosy co-ords until now.

    Black boots, brown boots, snake boots, leopard boots, over-the-knee boots, basically, all the boots. Other than a mild weather trainer day, you'll see us in boots until the Spring... and even then we don't promise to stop wearing them.

    A winter classic for us is faux fur coats, this year we are mixing it up with some fun prints and colours, because well, why not? Plus it makes it all the more fabulous, and who doesn't want that?

    Wrapping ourselves up a big oversized scarves, not only makes us feel a bit warmer, but it also makes us feel much more cosy. Typically we love neutral greys and black as they go with everything, make them much more easier to style.

    We would love to know what your current winter wardrobe obsession is, because you know, we might need it too...


    Autumn is right around the corner and with it being our favourite season, it is only right we get a wardrobe update for it. Unless you are just naturally a style goddess (lucky you), we all need a little inspiration to get our style ideas going for the new season, so we thought we would round up some of our current favourite looks...

    We do love a good trend, however it isn't always wise to go crazy on each one, instead we much prefer to stick to the classics with a few pieces of the current trends that fit into our own personal style.

    The ones we are loving for this upcoming Autumn Winter season is animal print (we told you the leopard was not going anywhere any time soon). Due to the all the different tones that leopard comes in, it is easy to find one that looks beautiful on you. We are also loving how our usual Autumn camels, nudes and beige tones have taken a bit of a deeper tone and moved into the browns for 2018. Silky pieces have been doing the rounds for a while now however they are set to shine (literally) this season when paired with chunky knits, sartorial goddess who? Lastly, the trend we are seeing everywhere is tweed, whilst we won't be buying a head to toe tweed look, a super cute mini skirt would look oh so Cher Horowitz, and who wouldn't want that?!

    We are also loving all our classic Autumn pieces once again for 2018, such as wrap wool coats, chunky knits, over the knee boots, and obviously, it is really even Autumn if you dont have leather somewhere in your outfit?

    Let us know in the comments below what trend you're loving for this Autumn, or your go-to look. And of course, if you are the type of woman that couldn't care less about anything other than her pjs when the dark Autumn nights creep in, (our kinda girl) then our beautiful stylish nightwear is ready and waiting to be owned by you here.


    A big chunky oversized knit is something we all cherish throughout the cold winter months but it can be one of those things that is sometimes a struggle to style. Admittedly while we do feel warm and cosy, a lot of us feel, well, frumpy. So we have rounded up some of the easiest and by far the best ways to elevate your chunky knit into something a little more stylish and put together. knits1 AN OVERSIZED SCARF Now while this seems like an odd choice because surely adding an oversized scarf would only add to the 'frumpy-ness' factor of your outfit, however if styled with some skinny jeans like the girls pictured you can easily see the slimness on bottom balances out the outfit as a whole. Overall giving you an effortlessly cool casual outfit, (plus it is an extra layer, adding even more warmth and cosiness so ultimately a win-win!) knits2 A LEATHER SKIRT For ultimate style points try styling your oversized knit with a leather skirt, it is super easy and overall looks very put together. Now I can imagine if you're wearing your oversized knit in the first place it is quite cold outside, so feel free to add tights (even if the girls pictured didn't - they must have been freezzinnggg!!), don't worry the outfit will look just as good with or without. knits3 OVER THE KNEE BOOTS An oversized jumper dress is something we regularly see styled with over the knee boots in the blogosphere and for good reason! It is a very simple easy way to be super cosy and comfortable whilst still looking fashionable. knits4 FAUX FUR Adding some form of faux fur into your outfit instantly gives you a more polished look, whether you choose to do this in the form of a faux fur stole, a vest or even a bag, it is guaranteed to take your outfit from frumpy to fabulous. knits5 LOTS OF JEWELLERY As is the case with most outfits (a chunky knit being no exception) adding some jewellery can really make all the difference. Whether you wish to add a bolder statement necklace or instead stack more delicate pieces together, it adds that extra something that makes your outfit look more considered and less like you've just flung on you're comfiest jumper (even though that's exactly what you have done). So hopefully next time you pull out your chunky knit (probably tomorrow, considering the current weather situation in the UK) you can use one of these styling tips to give the impression you put a lot more effort in than you actually did to look super stylish whilst still being super cosy! Pretty You London Signature