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    We have all been there in that awkward moment when someone asks you, "so what do you do for fun? You know, what hobbies do you have?" and you suddenly panic and think what on earth do I do with my time?! Oh yehhh... "Erm... I spend countless hours online shopping and scrolling through Instagram...?"

    In the spirit of embracing one of our favourite 'hobbies' we thought we would share with you on our Pretty You London blog, our ultimate fashion instagrammers.

    johanna olsson favourite fashion instagramA modern day fashion barbie, this Swedish blogger living in London is ultimate goals! With a shoe wardrobe to die over... and a nothing less than fabulous wardrobe to match, we just can't get enough of Johanna on our feed.negin mirsalehi favourite fashion instagramSun and sand to wind and snow, Negin is always providing us (and the rest of her 4.5m followers) with super fashionable highly covetable looks that we want to copy all year round. Plus we absolutely love seeing her adorable teddy bear dog, mosey, on our feed.

    janice joostemaa favourite fashion instagramThis gorgeous blogger is always giving us sleek french chic vibes. Janice's Instagram feed is perfectly refined with plenty of style inspiration, beautiful flat lays (which include her best beauty products) and stunning home decor. With essentially a cohesive sophisticated Pinterest style Instagram feed, Janice is most definitely one of our faves. 

    marianna hewitt favourite fashion instagramMarianna is easily an instant cult favourite for every girl on Instagram. With her classically pretty feminine style and amazing beauty recommendations, all glossed over in a gorgeous dusky pink haze Instagram filter, how anyone not want to follow her?!

    valentina steinhart favourite fashion instagramLove a classic neutral palette when it comes to your personal style? Then keeping up to date with Valentina's looks on Instagram in a must. She keeps it simple, stylish and chic, with a few fun trendy items thrown in here and there. The best part? She wears a lot of H&M and Zara, making it super easy for us to replicate, winner!


    Who else is absolutely loving the autumn/winter vibes? It seems that chunky knits and festive drinks are in full swing,  can it be like this all year? We thought we would create a mood board to collate all of the beautiful A/W inspired photos. autumn-inspiration-2autumn-inspiration-4autumn-inspiration-6autumn-mood-board-1autumn-inspiration-7autumn-inspiration-5 A/W fashion is the best, snug jumpers, Chelsea boots and cosy loungewear. There are lot's of greys and neutrals in trend this year as well as some pops of pattern such as leopard print and tartan. This time of year is about being comfortable and warm so we can't forget pjs and slippers, it is definitely acceptable to lounge about inside with a cup of tea and lot's of films. There are lot's of festive recipes floating about at the moment with berries, chocolate and cake being the main focus. The best part of baking is that you get to eat your masterpiece at the end, and no, sharing is not obligatory. We are loving all the festive flavours that are resurfacing after summer such as cinnamon gingerbread and caramelised apple - perfect for adding to your recipes or hot drinks. Does anyone else wish that pumpkin decorations lasted all year round? 2016 has seen everyone up their pumpkin game from scary to chic with gold paints, calligraphy and pretty carving. Who said a pumpkin couldn't look designer? Every year there are so many christmas cosmetic launches and this year is definitely following suit. So many plums and deep reds, it's amazing and so festive! We are loving all the A/W inspired nail art designs and makeup tutorials, just in time for christmas parties and celebrations. Let us know what you're loving/looking forward to this Autumn/Winter, bring on the Christmas decorations!

    Slippers featured:

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    Perdita Pink

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    Halloween can be so frustrating when you are trying to choose what to dress up as. There are so many factors to consider from how much money you want to spend to how much effort you plan on putting in. If you're still on the search for a costume, look no further, we have rounded up some of our favourite go-to looks. Most of these looks only require some extra makeup so don't worry about splashing out on an expensive costume, just throw on some black attire and you're good to go! 1. WEDNESDAY ADAMS For this costume you simply need a black dress, a white shirt collar and a black wig. Wednesdays look is pretty simple and minimal, just plait your wig either side and apply a smokey eye and dark lip. To watch this tutorial by Madeyewlook Twice, please click here! Wednesday Adams Halloween Costume Tutorial   2. GLITTER SKELETON There are millions of tutorials showing you how to apply a skeleton makeup look all over the internet so simply pick your favourite! We love that glitter has managed to find it's way into these tutorials this year so be as creative as you like with it! To watch this tutorial by Jade Deacon, please click here! glitter skull makeup Halloween Costume Tutorial   3. KNIFE-LINER That's right girls, knife-liner is the latest halloween makeup trend. It's very much like your regular liner except the liner is silver with a drawn knife handle instead of a flick - some have even added some fake blood for extra halloween realness. To watch this tutorial by Omg Lilly, please click here! Knife Liner Halloween Costume Tutorial   4. A CAT Grab that eyeliner from your bag and add some whiskers to your everyday cat eye and you're already half way there. Dressing up as a cat couldn't be easier with all the cat ear headbands on the highstreet, you could even add some fangs! To watch this tutorial by Giulianna Maria, please click here! Black Cat Halloween Costume Tutorial   5. ZOMBIE All you need for this look is your go-to brown/burgundy eyeshadow palette and some fake blood. Simply back comb your hair, add some bruising/blood to your face and rip up an old t-shirt. To watch this tutorial by Julia Graf, please click here! Zombie Halloween Costume Tutorial   If all else fails, go for the classic blood dripping from the corner of your mouth look - there's no judging here! And please, no clowns. Let us know what you are dressing up as this Halloween, we would love to know!

    Pamper Night Essentials


    Let's face it, life can get very busy and we often forget to slow down and take some time out. One of the best ways to zone out and relax is deffinitely a pamper night, they're easy to do and allow you to have some well deserved me time with little  effort. We have decided to round up some of our favourite pamper night essentials so that you don't have to do the thinking.


    There is no better feeling than getting home, putting on your pjs and popping on your slippers. Grab your favourite pyjamas or lounge wear and cosy up in your slippers, give your feet a well deserved rest. (For some slipper inspiration, take a look at our new arrivals here) USE YOUR FAVOURITE SKINCARE PRODUCTS As our bodies get tired, so can our skin. Take some time to pamper your skin with your favourite skincare products. We love using a soothing cleansing balm to remove makeup followed by a luxurious facial oil, your skin will be glowing in the morning! If you feel your skin needs a little more TLC, why not indulge in a face mask? TAKE A LONG BATH Is it just us or do baths have magical healing powers, there's something about them that transports you straight to a spa in the Maldives. If you're a bubbles gal, pour a generous amount of bubble bath in your favourite scent. If you don't like bubbles, why not try a bath milk or bath oil, your skin will feel like silk for days! PUT ON YOUR FAVOURITE FILM OR SERIES This is the time to watch whatever you want, guilt free! You've finished your duties for the day and this is your time, so watch as many episodes as you like and don't apologise for it! DO SOME YOGA If you love to relax but still want to get your body moving, why not give yoga a go? Yoga and meditation can really help our minds settle and reduce anxiety, it's perfect before bed and will allow your body to wind down. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest so don't worry about knowing all the moves! READ A BOOK Books are a great way to relax and escape into another world for a few hours. Grab that book that you've been meaning to read for months and snuggle up in a blanket, make sure you've got your favourite drink too! If you're a hot chocolate lover like us, check out our ultimate hot chocolate recipe here! Be sure to let us know your favourite pamper night essentials down in the comments! We are off to pop on our slippers and watch Netflix with a hot chocolate!


    Hygge seems to be taking over the world at the moment, a Danish concept that encourages you to live cosily and embrace warmth. The good thing about Hygge is that it requires minimal effort and time, here's 5 ways you can incorporate Hygge into your life. 1. Surround yourself with things you love Got a favourite throw for your bed? or even a jumper that needs washing but it just completes your outfit and makes you feel fab? Girl, get that throw out and wear that jumper, wear it all week. Surrounding yourself with things that you love will make you feel calm, happy and relaxed. 2. Burn a candle It seems small but lighting a candle creates a cosy atmosphere and a spa like aesthetic. Go out and grab your favourite scent, go home and light it. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, whether your in the bath or doing the dishes, light that candle up. 3. Treat everyday like it's special We often feel that in order to treat ourselves, we must have done something good. Get this out of your head and wake up seeing everyday as a special day, pretend it's christmas if you need to. You don't need to keep your favourite lipsticks and perfumes for special days, every day can be special. 4. Reach out to friends and family - be together Life can often feel so hectic and we can go days, even weeks, without seeing those that matter to us. Reach out to those who matter and get together, whether it be a 5 minute coffee date or a cheese and biscuits feast. 5. Set aside some time to bake or cook Head over to Pinterest, pick out something special, and give it a go. Share your amazing dishes with friends and family, or keep it for yourself, whatever makes you happiest! (If it's brownies, sharing is obviously off the cards) There are so many ways you can bring a little Hygge into your life, for us, we love popping on our favourite pair of slippers and settling down with a cup of tea. Let us know in the comments how you embrace Hygge, we would love to know!