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    We love nothing more than a beautifully romantic parisian style interior, there is something so effortless about them, but at the same time they seem stunningly thought out and arranged. Regardless of Carrie Bradshaw's disastrous fantasy crumbling before us, our fantasy of living in Paris, surrounded by beautiful style, architecture and lots of cute coffee shops, has never been ruined. Most of us however will never live in Paris, so instead we can take inspiration from their gorgeously chic homes and incorporate their style into our home.

    Think soft muted colour palettes, with lots of tufted button furniture and metallic accents. Add light furniture for a more feminine look, or darker furniture for a richer feel. To stylise the parisian chic look in a more modern way add some mirrored furniture to pull together your new parisian style perfectly.

    What part of your home would you love to give a parisian chic makeover? Let us know in the comments below! For us it would definitely be our vanity... add a gorgeous glam pair of slippers underneath our chairs and our dream instantly becomes reality! Until next time pretties...


    It's no secret we love our slippers and nightwear, our beds and of course, our sleep! So naturally, sleep awareness week is something we want to address and celebrate! Best of all we get to do that from the comfort of our beds, without being judged, which makes us immensely happy. 

    Gone are the days when it was thought to be 'cool', to be so 'busy' that you had to stay up most of the night, drinking coffee, working relentlessly and wearing eye bags as though they were a badge of honor... Needless to say, we have never been classified as cool and we have never not indulged ourselves in, much needed and much wanted sleep. Instead the tables have turned, and now having a thorough self love pampering night routine is what we all aspire to.

    However what if you struggle to sleep? With the National Sleep Foundation campaigning the important of sleep for general wellbeing, both mentally and physically, for this year's 'Begin with sleep' campaign, now is the time to get our nightly routine and sleep pattern perfected.

    1. Turn off the tech! We know, we know, we all love our phones, our TVs and laptops, but the hour before we are ready to go to sleep is time to unwind without lights beaming in our faces.

    2. Melatonin, often referred to as the 'sleep hormone' is what signals to the brain that it is time to sleep, however it is drastically disrupted when we have any lights infiltrating our sleep environment. This problem is easily solved with a glamorous eye mask, that will ensure you are engulfed into complete darkness. P.S. a silky one will also help to keep all of your face and eye creams in place to soak in!

    3. Relaxing, unwinding and calming your mind are all important to get that deep sleep we desire. Taking a nice relaxing bath with epsom salts, that are scientifically proven to help your muscles relax also, is the perfect way to take a little time out and relax before bed.

    4. Warm yourself through into blissful cosiness with a hot drink before bed. It goes without saying, that this is a no caffeine zone, instead, have a lovely herbal tea such as chamomile or lavender to relax. If they aren't your thing, then we give you permission to have a warm milky cocoa, grandma style. There is also studies that support the concept of not drinking any caffeine after midday... good luck to us all with that one!

    5. Scent matters, so invest in a 'sleep spray'. Some are obviously fancier (*cough* more expensive!) than others, but even febreze do a great 'sleep serenity' range that includes lavender, jasmine and milk and honey scents. Lush also do an amazing body lotion that I am sure you are all probably familiar with, called 'sleepy' that is said to help you drift right off. 

    6. Do not take naps! I know that majority of us work a 9-5 so this is impossible to do during the day anyway, however I think we can all admit we are guilty of getting in straight from work and falling asleep on the couch... (we swear we aren't old!). And whilst these 'power naps' make us feel a bit more awake to get on with our other nightly duties such as dinner, showering, etc. that is because that tired feeling has been satisfied, making it that much more difficult to fall asleep properly come bedtime.

    7. Set the right temperature. I know a lot us love having the heating on full blast, however studies have shown that a cooler sleeping environment is actually much better for us. Ideally your bedroom should be around 18.5 degrees and you get warm and cosy through the use of blankets and duvets... hello hygge!

    8. Get yourself a good book. Immersing yourself in another world for 1-2 chapters is the perfect way to unwind right before you are about to fall asleep. It also helps you introduce ideas to your subconscious, making you much more likely to dream about something you want to dream about, as opposed to worrying about the stresses of normal life.

    9. Now that we have covered all the other senses, last but not least is sound. We love listening to some nice relaxing spa music, or raindrops on the window, who doesn't love that sound curled up all warm in bed? No one. However if you are someone who needs absolute silence, then earplugs should serve you well.

    10. Lastly try some sleeping techniques. There are tons all over the internet that you can research and give a go, however our favourite is simply get into a super comfortable position and stay very, very still, do not move. The hardest part of this is ignoring the little itches you get - your body is doing this to see if you react and move, therefore signalling that you're not asleep. Let you mind wander wherever it wants to, hopefully somewhere lovely, and after a while, you tend to drift right off without even noticing. If this is the part you struggle with, instead concentrate solely on your breathing, keeping it slow, until you fall asleep.

    Of course, having a good pair of pyjamas is also really important in your nightly routine so that you feel comfortable. Our new Pretty You bamboo nightwear collection is amazing for sleep, it is hypo-allergenic, temperature regulating and made from one of the softest fabrics in the world! You can shop the collection here > Nightwear.

    Let us know in the comments below some of your favourite things to do for a better nights sleep!



    Your coffee table is an integral part of your living space. We practically live our lives around it, so it is important that it represents us. Whether we like a lot of colour, what are hobbies are, what is sentimental to us, etc. A lot can be said about a person from a quick glance at their coffee table, so it is important we get it right.

    Read our top tips below to getting your coffee table looking as perfect as you do, for the next time you have someone round to your home.

    Have a vision

    You need to have a clear visualisation of your living space and think clearly what would tie different elements of the room together. Do you have a lot of silver and gold accents throughout your home? Do have a particular colour you're trying to accent? Incorporate your pre-existing theme into one or 2 statement pieces on your table.

    Source Inspiration

    Nothing beats good old Pinterest for some gorgeous interior inspiration. Create a board of all the coffee tables that you like / find inspiring so that you can easily refer back to it when you're a) buying new pieces and b) styling and arranging your coffee table.

    Introduce your personality

    The easiest way incorporate some of your personality is through the use of books, are you really into fashion, interiors, photography, nature? Get a few books together that you love aesthetically and get to stacking... after all, they don't call them 'coffee table books' for nothing. You can also have something personal and sentimental as a good conversational piece on your table. Possibly a family heirloom, an item that you collect or something from one of your travels.

    Create balance

    Life is all about balance, and when it comes to styling your coffee table, it's no different. Create a visual masterpiece by having fun juxtapositions, aka. if you have something taller on one end, keep the other end low, if you have a something rectangular, having something else circular... and you get the picture. A Pinterest worthy coffee table is all about having the right amount of elements and how they look cohesively as one.

    Get yourself a tray 

    Welcome to coffee table styling 101. If you don't yet have a tray, you need to get one. Be considerate with which one you choose as it will be the foundation that brings a lot of your pieces together as one component. A tray can also help distinguish your interior style. A plain white tray with give you a modern sleek feeling, whereas a gold mirrored tray will give you something more eclectic and chic.

    Empty space

    Once you've nailed the aesthetic styling of your coffee table you need to ensure it actually functions the way it is supposed to. You need some empty space for tv remotes and your coasters! So that you can actually put a cup of coffee down on it. How much empty space you have is completely up to you, subconsciously your coffee table will probably more cluttered or more minimal naturally, depending on your personality through the styling process.

    There you have it, how to style your coffee table to perfectly showcase your wonderful personality and interior design goddess abilities. If you have anything on your table that you think is particularly fab that we failed to mention, let us and everyone else know in the comments below! 


    The temperatures have well and truly dropped throughout the UK and although it happens at the exact same time every year, we are always slightly surprised when it does actually happen. Like we aren't ready? Can we not postpone the icy winter chill and keep the nice Autumn breeze? We have not yet stocked up on our kidney warming, cold resistant (only resistant as it somehow still manages to creep in) knits. While yes we have got the super cute on-trend ones released for Autumn (hello pearl embellishments...), when that cold truly hits we are telling lies to ourselves if we say they do the job.

    However in the less than kind cold wind we now find ourselves, we are ready to embrace the season's spirit. Especially as there is plenty to get excited about this season, from Christmas markets, holiday parties, cosy slippers, winter scented candles and hopefully some snow. Only real snow, not just 1cm that turns to slush almost immediately, becoming far more effort than it was worth.

    Along with the typical winter activities we have now find ourselves including the danish concept hygge subconsciously with this season. The past couple of years we have taken on board all the happy, cosy wisdom they have provided and honestly, we did feel happier. We spent more time appreciating our daily lives and the little joys it brings instead of feeling victims of the mundane slog, only made worse by the constant rain and cold (which we have definitely been guilty of in the past). We thought we would share our favourite ways we have injected some hygge into our lives.


    Lots and lots and lots of candles. They provide the perfect mood lighting for the cosy vibes that we are trying to create within our homes, and with so many gorgeous scents that are only available to buy at this time of year we always want to make the most of it.

     Hot drinks

    Who in England doesn't love a good of tea? Or better yet whose Grandma doesn't believe that a cup of tea can fix anything? We believe a lovely hot drink is not only warming physically but also mentally. A lot of danish people actually carry a warm flask with them everywhere they go so they have a constant access to a top up. We strongly suggest you treat yourself to some winter themed flavoured coffees (gingerbread latte, yes please!) and whipped cream topped hot chocolates several times throughout the season.

    Turn off the screens

    As soon as it hits 10pm turn all of your technology off, from your smartphones to your smart TVs. Instead contemplate your day and the accomplishments you have made, both big and small or take time to reflect and appreciate all the things you are grateful for. If you have a significant other discuss their day through with them. It really helps you unwind from the day and also helps promote positive thoughts before going to sleep, and who doesn't want more of those?

    Warm blankets/bedding

    The best investment I ever made was brushed cotton flannelette bedding, heaven. It keeps you so warm and can make any bed super cosy, in our opinion it perfectly summarizes hygge. The problem with it is the struggle to get out of it in the mornings. Also be sure to stock up on loads of soft, warm blankets and place them throughout the house so that you can wrap up in each room you are in and it also adds more cosy vibes to you decor with minimal effort.

    Pamper yourself

    The easiest way to give yourself a little luxury pamper at home is simply to switch your shower for a nice relaxing bath. Put in plenty of your favourite bubble bath, light some candles, put on your favourite face mask and unwind. You feel refreshed and relieved of any stress afterwards, it is also warms you through after being out in the cold. Moisture your skin with a nice warm scented body butter and trust us, you will practically feel the hygge radiating from you.


    Whether you would classify yourself as more of a baker or a cook, spend some time in the kitchen trying new recipes and hopefully you will stumble upon some new winter gems. It can be incredibly therapeutic and best of all at the end of it you have something amazing to eat. The danish are famous for their sweet pastries and also enjoying home cooked hearty meals which are all part of the hygge lifestyle, yes seriously. No minimal calorie/no carbs diets here, can we get a hallelujah?

    Long walks

    Wrap up warm, put on your wellies and go on a long walk outside. By getting some fresh air and spending time appreciating nature, especially when it a beautiful season visually, it will help you feel happier and more accomplished with your day (or so the Danish say, and as they are the happiest people on earth, we will just go ahead and trust their opinion). At the very least we know it would make the dog happy.


    Take time out of your day to emerge yourself in a good book, get a little nook all prepared, with cosy blankets and a warm drink at the ready and feel hygge epitomised. If reading isn't your thing however, get yourself a diary and spend that time writing down your own thoughts or planning your week ahead instead. Essentially this will just help you feel like you have spent your time wisely/enjoyably, which if we're honest, from rushing to work in the mornings, having to wash our hair, tidy the house, etc, we often feel the day has got away from us.

    Cosy clothing 

    Last but certainly not least... any excuse for new clothes, right? A beautiful pair of cashmere loungewear is definitely near the top of our Christmas wishlist and we of course have a pair of gorgeous Pretty You slippers to complete the cosy at home look. It all about the cosy faux furs and soft knits this season, which is probably why Autumn/Winter is our favourite time of year. We have also been loving putting our slinky summer bodysuits under out chunky knits for an extra practically undetectable layer, which feels like it is giving us a little hug all day and keeps us super warm.

    We hope you loved our methods to introducing a little hygge into our lives this winter. Let us know in the comments below some of your favourites so that we can give them a try!


    As the colder months hit I think it is fair to say we all run straight from the office back to the warm cozy comfort of our homes and jump straight into our slippers and pjs. So whilst we are spending so much more time there it deserves a little attention. Here at Pretty You we are all about the gorgeous luxe feel, and that is not different when it comes to our love for interiors, so we are going to run you through our top 3 ways to update your interiors to give them a more luxury feel for the Autumn.
    Velvet features
    The easiest way to give your home a luxury touch this Autumn is to simply add some velvet. Our favourite way is through the use of a statement couch or chair, and to make it even more interior designer worthy, have it in a bold colour, one that compliments the rest of the interior. If you don't feel ready to commit to such a large piece then the perfect more subtle alternative is to add some jewel toned cushions for just a hint of luxe. After all, you don't see velvet all over Pinterest for nothing...
    Faux fur accents
    Autumn is one of the two colder months so of course we have to bring out the faux fur... faux fur throws, faux fur cushions, faux fur chairs, you name it, if it comes in faux fur and it matches our interior colour scheme, you can bet we are getting it/already have it.
    It is a beautiful way to add some luxury vibes, but also it helps add some coziness to the room. As who doesn't want to warm and cosy snuggled up indoors, when it is pouring with rain and only 2 degrees outside?! So we highly advise bringing out the faux fur to elevate your luxe cozy Autumn inspired interiors.
    Mixing metals
    Ahhh, mixed metals... this is one we think may send some of your into a frenzy of pure horror, but hear us out! It looks expensive... that's it. Most interior designers use this as a method of adding a more luxury feel to your space without it being too loud of a statement, such as a bright purple velvet couch for example. For those of you that like something more subtle, and this is by far the easiest method, try this and see how you it transforms and elevates your new Autumn interior.
    Hopefully you find the above dreamy interior photos as inspirational as we do and they motivate you to give your home an updated luxe feel.
    Whilst we love all 3 of these methods there is several inspirational photos above that include all 3! And their homes are most definitely Pinterest gold, so don't be afraid to incorporate all of them and be bold with your choices! Also let us know in the comments below if you have any other ways that you will updating your homes with this Autumn...