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    When it comes to any kind of sun or heat in the UK I think we would all agree that we just can't get enough! However we would be lying if we said we enjoyed it as much during the night. Let's be honest, we just aren't used to it! And it can be definitely be the cause a few sleepless nights. So we thought we would share our night time essentials during the summer heatwave(s).


    Of course a pair of Pretty You Summer collection sliders is one for our top essentials. And they simply don't come more cool, comfortable or as pretty as Tate Mink.

    This super cute silky cami set from Boohoo is perfect for the summer months, either during a heatwave here in the UK or somewhere more tropical on holiday. And for just for £12 it doesn't matter that neither ever last long enough.

    I think it's safe to say that trying to stay cool is our number one priority! This mini rose gold fan is perfect to sit on your bedside table for a little breeze and air circulation. Can we also just talk about how cute this cooling gel mask is? We are only slightly obsessed that it is pink and matches our sleepwear outfit!

    Staying hydrated is super important in the heat, especially when our bodies are not accustomed to it. So be sure to drink a ton of water! Keep a water bottle by your bed so that you can reach for it during the night. We also reach for our hydrating skincare, as although we are warmer (aka. sweating) more than usual, this can actually cause you to throw off your PH balance in your skin. Our skincare essentials have to be the Dior lip balm, the Mario Badescu hyaluronic eye cream, and also his rosewater facial spray (ah-mazing!) and lastly the Vichy hand cream.

    Now whilst we all love being snuggled up and cosy when we are trying to get our beauty sleep, it is just too hot for the duvet! Instead we switch it out for a soft snuggly blanket that is not too thick and one that is still breathable. This gorgeous taupe blanket is a perfect option.

    Lastly, while this essential may be slightly extra for some, we absolutely love having a little spritz of perfume before bed. Our favourite for these hot summer nights has got to be Tom Ford's Orchid Soleil.

    We hope you enjoyed seeing our Summer night time essentials. Hopefully they will help you stay cool whilst also still feeling pretty. Be sure to let us know some of your favourite essentials in the comments below!

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    Not long ago we released our first ever luxury loungewear collection, to make it extra special it was adorned with Swarovski crystals. With super soft cotton/modal blend and delicate lace and satin trims it truly is beautiful, naturally it has been adored by many bloggers and influencers who have shared in on their Instagrams to show how stunning it really is. Our loungewear will instantly elevate any home wardrobe and have you feeling like a goddess in the comfort of your own home, after you are the queen of your castle. We thought we would share some of the lovely posts just so you can see how wearable the pieces are and how they will fit into your everyday...







    You can shop all of our gorgeous loungewear pieces here.

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