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The annual Met Gala has come round once again, with a brand new theme, brand new dresses and brand new looks for us to channel our inner Tyra Banks with, aka judge with scrutiny... Now, whilst we love a gal that can stick to the theme and look beautiful whilst doing so, (they are the true winners!). Some of the ladies in attendance clearly just dont want to partake, (which there seemed to be a few of this year... *cough* Kylie! *cough* Kendall). However we will not be disqualifying any ladies from our favourites if they looked fabulous. That being said we...

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As most of you know Monday was the annual Met Gala. It is a night in which everyone who is anyone in fashion showcase their best (or their designer's best should I say) representation of the theme. This year's theme was Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, so guests were given the ultimate opportunity to be experimental, dramatic and have fun with structure. While some were more avant-garde than others (read: Katy Perry), some kept things more simple and even chose to make as much of a statement with their makeup as they did with their dress. Below are our top 5 best dressed...

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