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    The annual Met Gala has come round once again, with a brand new theme, brand new dresses and brand new looks for us to channel our inner Tyra Banks with, aka judge with scrutiny...

    Now, whilst we love a gal that can stick to the theme and look beautiful whilst doing so, (they are the true winners!). Some of the ladies in attendance clearly just dont want to partake, (which there seemed to be a few of this year... *cough* Kylie! *cough* Kendall). However we will not be disqualifying any ladies from our favourites if they looked fabulous. That being said we are going to run you through our favourite dresses, makeup and hair. FYI the theme for 2018 was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. 


    These ladies are serving us all the soft pretty princess vibes and we are loving it. Sort of rapunzel, meets galactic... meets catholic? Our favourites have got to be Winnie, who looks a vision in all white, keeping it simple and beautiful and Hailey who has wowed us once again this year with her pastels, (admittedly, we aren't really seeing Catholic Imagination though!).

    Now these beautiful ladies managed to looked sensational whilst remaining within the realms of the theme. With tons of embellishments and brocade in stunning jewel toned gowns, all these ladies looked like queens, albeit Amber looks like a bit of an evil one, but that just makes us love her look even more.

    Golden goddess visions were all over this years met gala. We think Rosie's look perfectly encapsulates the theme of Catholic Imagination, and she looks stunning doing so. We are also loving Kim K's randomly placed crosses thrown into her obvious cleopatra look, hey, we did say we like someone who tries to fit the theme!


    Now we know Bella is a supermodel, but still, this skin is worth celebrating. A stunning, super simple, glowy look with gorgeous gold liner as the statement, love. Of course Kim K did another iconic look, are we ready for the million and one tutorials about to be uploaded onto youtube? As we stated with the dress, very cleopatra, and is that a hint of green we see under the eyes?! Lastly, Lily's makeup was a most definitely a favourite this year, glossy and light with crystal tears that were truly stunning.


    I mean, c'mon, these were the obvious choices for hair favourites... Jasmine's braid couldn't be any more beautiful if it tried. Roses, ribbons and chain all intertwined with her gorgeous blonde hair and we are officially in love. And whilst everyone else can't stop obsessing over her date, we can't obsessing over Hailey's pink bob! Jen Atkin really outdid herself with this one, a gorgeous tousled wave in this stunning pastel pink colour, perfectly finished with a flower jewelled crown, wow! Lastly, Amber's hair was dipped in gold... dipped. in. gold. do we need to say anything more?

    We are aware the more avant garde looks are not our taste and so never make it to our favourites, so let us know in the comments below who your favourites were this year...


    As most of you know Monday was the annual Met Gala. It is a night in which everyone who is anyone in fashion showcase their best (or their designer's best should I say) representation of the theme. This year's theme was Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, so guests were given the ultimate opportunity to be experimental, dramatic and have fun with structure. While some were more avant-garde than others (read: Katy Perry), some kept things more simple and even chose to make as much of a statement with their makeup as they did with their dress.

    Below are our top 5 best dressed at the 2017 Met Gala. Granted our top 5 were some of the more subtle choices, but we simply had to chose the ones that we would like to have worn. After all we are about all things P R E T T Y...

    metgala1Candice looked fierce! The huge dramatic eyeliner and super long slicked back ponytail were absolutely perfection with that dress. This look epitomises how simplicity does not equate to boring perfectly.

    metgala2Absolutely stunning... we love everything about this look and we truly mean everything. The tiered Carolina Herrera dress, the jewel encrusted veil, the simple bronze smokey eye and the gorgeous statement jewellery. Hailey Baldwin was a true style winner for us at this year's Met Gala.

    metgala3Taylor Hill's glowy skin and dramatic burgundy smokey eye easily took the title of our favourite makeup look. Surprise, surprise another Carolina Herrera dress made it into our top 5. The colour alone made it an instant standout but the fit and structural details made this utter perfection. Overall a sophisticated timeless look that had a subtle sexy vampy vibe, obsessed!

    metgala4Now have we ever seen Blake Lively not look drop dead gorgeous? However this has definitely got to be one of her best looks. A true standout by anyone standards at this year's Met Gala, whether you wanted something more avant-garde, something super glitzy or something more adventurous, this Versace dress had it all! With that dress and those insane statement earrings  (also with her face) the makeup didn't need to be anything but her signature sunkissed look.

    metgala5As one of Karl's current golden girls we weren't shocked that Lily-Rose Depp was in Chanel again this year... but we were shocked by how much we loved it. In a stunning hot pink and embellished with 2 sequin Chanel roses this ultra girly princess dress was perfectly offset with a 'cool girl' graphic eyeliner and nude lip.

    Who won your personal best dressed award this year? Also was there anyone who's look you were disappointed by?! Let us know in the comments below...

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