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    We have been loving pastel lilacs and lavenders this season. We think they look beautiful incorporated into your summer clothing, like loungewear for example (wink, wink!) or a stunning dress for an occasion such as a wedding. It can also look beautiful on the eyes, especially if you have green ones to really make them stand out. We have also been loving real lavender flowers within the home, because firstly they smell amazing and secondly because they tone beautifully with pale greys. Also can we just say how obsessed we are with that house in notting hill with the ah-mazing wisteria, does a more dreamy house even exist?! No, we didnt think so!

    So we thought we would make a mood board to showcase these beautiful delicate purple shades. We hope you enjoy!


    Inspired by all the love of Valentines (...or possibly we are just sick of the traditional A/W colours such as burgundy and forest green at this point) but our latest obsession is this beautiful shade of dusky pink. It looks stunning with other neutrals such as greys and whites and also can we just appreciate how perfect it looks with gold or rose gold, whether this is in your home decor, your outfit or even your makeup!

    So of course we just had to create a mood board for you to show how well and truly in love with this shade we are and obviously so you can become just as obsessed us… enjoy!


    Shop this mood board…

    Octavia White | Matilda Dusky Pink | Ruby Tan | Martha Cream | Patty Pink

    Pretty You London Signature


    Who else is absolutely loving the autumn/winter vibes? It seems that chunky knits and festive drinks are in full swing,  can it be like this all year? We thought we would create a mood board to collate all of the beautiful A/W inspired photos. autumn-inspiration-2autumn-inspiration-4autumn-inspiration-6autumn-mood-board-1autumn-inspiration-7autumn-inspiration-5 A/W fashion is the best, snug jumpers, Chelsea boots and cosy loungewear. There are lot's of greys and neutrals in trend this year as well as some pops of pattern such as leopard print and tartan. This time of year is about being comfortable and warm so we can't forget pjs and slippers, it is definitely acceptable to lounge about inside with a cup of tea and lot's of films. There are lot's of festive recipes floating about at the moment with berries, chocolate and cake being the main focus. The best part of baking is that you get to eat your masterpiece at the end, and no, sharing is not obligatory. We are loving all the festive flavours that are resurfacing after summer such as cinnamon gingerbread and caramelised apple - perfect for adding to your recipes or hot drinks. Does anyone else wish that pumpkin decorations lasted all year round? 2016 has seen everyone up their pumpkin game from scary to chic with gold paints, calligraphy and pretty carving. Who said a pumpkin couldn't look designer? Every year there are so many christmas cosmetic launches and this year is definitely following suit. So many plums and deep reds, it's amazing and so festive! We are loving all the A/W inspired nail art designs and makeup tutorials, just in time for christmas parties and celebrations. Let us know what you're loving/looking forward to this Autumn/Winter, bring on the Christmas decorations!

    Slippers featured:

    Perrie Pink

    Saffron Cream

    Perdita Pink

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