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    It's a whole new year and as we discussed in our last post, with it brings the opportunity to reflect on yourself, our current life situations, our careers, our love lives... But one other thing that we are also grade-A professionals at is assessing is our looks. And maybe it's about time for a new do?

    We are going to be running you through some of the hottest celebrity and influencer hairstyles that are set to be massive in 2018.

    With the likes of Shay Mitchell (one of our ultimate hair crushes) and Kim Kardashian loving the super sleek straight long hair towards the end of 2017, then of course it is only a matter of time before we all want their look (who wouldn't?!). For this sophisticated, stylish and ultra polished hairstyle the only thing we recommend is lots of heat protectant and hair serum to combat breakage and flyaways.

    After the ombre came the much softer balyage and now, we are ever so sorry to say, goodbye balyage... and hello ribbon highlights! Much more subtle, ribbon highlights offer a little dimension and lift whilst still keeping your hair a rich brown shade, ultimately making you a little less blonde in 2018. Celebrity hairstylists assure this is going to be the next big trend, so jump on it first and be a trendsetter!

    Brigitte Bardot eat your heart out! These stunning side swept bangs will give your face an overall softer flattering touch and best of all, they suit every face shape, winner! The gorgeous vintage french actress vibes are set to be huge in 2018 and styled up with modern clothing you will be looking very insta-influencer.

    An effortless stylish super high ponytail is what all the it girls have been rocking in 2017 and its about time we all caught on. Shay Mitchell, Zendaya, Candice Swanepoel, Hailey Baldwin, the Kardashians, as well as all your favourite Instagrammers, the list is really endless... Keep it super straight and slick with some extra extensions for extra volume and length or make it super tousled and messy for a gorgeous tousled look. Simple!

    Now we know you have all just mastered the messy top knot but now you just need to achieve the same perfectly placed, gorgeous it-girl bun, but lower. For major inspo and some easy tutorials follow @kristin_ess on Instagram, hairstylist for the likes of Lauren Conrad, Jenna Dewan and Lucy Hale... need we say more?

    For 2018 you need to get yourself some hair accessories! Cute hair grips, fasteners, rings, silk wraps, ribbons, even headbands Blair Waldorf style. Get a little creative this year and the key is to make sure they are all very pretty. They are also amazingly non-committal, just in case you regret trying something new half way through the day.

    Let us know in the comments below which hairstyles you are going to give a try or if there are any others you're dying over that we haven't mentioned.


    We absolutely adore nails, whether we are wearing them super polished classic french manicure style or crazy chrome mermaid effect purple. We love them! So of course, we also love a good nail design, however let's be honest, when doing them on yourself it's hard to not make it look like a 5 year olds DIY job.
    In a search for inspiration on our good old friend Pinterest we found our favourite minimalistic designs that absolutely anybody can do themselves. So if you simply don't have time to get to the salon give one of our tried and tested gorgeous minimalistic nail designs!

    Foil stripsHow amazing is this nail design?! Firstly because it looks really cool and secondly because it is ridiculously easy to do. A quick search on Ebay will bring up millions of results for foil strip tape, specifically made for nails. Whether you're a gold, silver or rose gold kinda gal, Ebay has the tape for you!

    Nude & DottedAnother super simplistic design that you can see from the first photo, only takes a handy little cotton bud to re-create. Our favourite colour combinations are definitely a nude nail with either a black, red or rose gold dot!

    Glitter cuticlesThis is undoubtedly one of our favourite nail designs ever! Regardless of whether are discussing minimalistic designs or not. After all who doesn't love a little glitter?! Our favourite has to be the ombre, one because it looks good with any colour combination and two because you don't have to be neat! 

    So next time you fancy doing something a little different but don't want anything too fussy, give one of these minimalistic nail designs a go! Also let us know in the comments if you try one of them out! x


    Halloween can be so frustrating when you are trying to choose what to dress up as. There are so many factors to consider from how much money you want to spend to how much effort you plan on putting in. If you're still on the search for a costume, look no further, we have rounded up some of our favourite go-to looks. Most of these looks only require some extra makeup so don't worry about splashing out on an expensive costume, just throw on some black attire and you're good to go! 1. WEDNESDAY ADAMS For this costume you simply need a black dress, a white shirt collar and a black wig. Wednesdays look is pretty simple and minimal, just plait your wig either side and apply a smokey eye and dark lip. To watch this tutorial by Madeyewlook Twice, please click here! Wednesday Adams Halloween Costume Tutorial   2. GLITTER SKELETON There are millions of tutorials showing you how to apply a skeleton makeup look all over the internet so simply pick your favourite! We love that glitter has managed to find it's way into these tutorials this year so be as creative as you like with it! To watch this tutorial by Jade Deacon, please click here! glitter skull makeup Halloween Costume Tutorial   3. KNIFE-LINER That's right girls, knife-liner is the latest halloween makeup trend. It's very much like your regular liner except the liner is silver with a drawn knife handle instead of a flick - some have even added some fake blood for extra halloween realness. To watch this tutorial by Omg Lilly, please click here! Knife Liner Halloween Costume Tutorial   4. A CAT Grab that eyeliner from your bag and add some whiskers to your everyday cat eye and you're already half way there. Dressing up as a cat couldn't be easier with all the cat ear headbands on the highstreet, you could even add some fangs! To watch this tutorial by Giulianna Maria, please click here! Black Cat Halloween Costume Tutorial   5. ZOMBIE All you need for this look is your go-to brown/burgundy eyeshadow palette and some fake blood. Simply back comb your hair, add some bruising/blood to your face and rip up an old t-shirt. To watch this tutorial by Julia Graf, please click here! Zombie Halloween Costume Tutorial   If all else fails, go for the classic blood dripping from the corner of your mouth look - there's no judging here! And please, no clowns. Let us know what you are dressing up as this Halloween, we would love to know!


    Hot chocolate is something we can drink all year round, but let's be honest, it tastes just that bit better during Autumn and Winter. It's always nice to go out for a warm drink, however, sometimes you just wanna get that cosy hot chocolate feeling at home. When it comes to hot chocolates, there are so many ways you can add that something extra. Let's get something straight, coffee syrups are most definitely not reserved for coffee. Add a little twist to your drink with a coffee syrup - salted caramel, cherry, mint, the possibilities are endless! Toppings are very serious, they finish a hot chocolate off and give it that instagrammable look. Who has a hot chocolate without snapping it first? You can go for the classic marshmallows with a flake or you can go even further and add Nutella, crushed Oreos, mini muffins or even doughnuts - there really are no rules here. The most important part of the drink is definitely the base, we have written up our favourite recipe for you to try, it's full of chocolatey goodness and always tastes amazing!



    1. Before you begin anything, make sure to pick out your two favourite mugs - this is definitely essential when preparing the ultimate hot chocolate.
    2. Heat milk in a pan and stir in each tablespoon of Nutella until silky smooth, if you want to add more chocolate, we won't judge.
    3. Add both the sugar and syrup of your choice to the pan and mix until fully dissolved.
    4. Continue to heat until you reach desired drinking temperature and pour into your two mugs of choice.
    5. Begin decorating your hot chocolate like the work of art it is.
    Make sure to tag us in any pictures of your hot chocolate and be sure to let us know your favourite topping combos in the comments! Remember, you can never add too many toppings.