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    Mothers Day in The UK

    Here in the United Kingdom, Sunday marks mothers day. Struggling to think what to get the lady who brought you into this world? Well, lets think together… Mothers, generally speaking of course (easy to make sweeping generalizations), like their home comforts. A cushion filled sofa, crackling fire place and Bridget Jones on the television. Crucially though, they love their slippers! Being the hardest working humans in the world; whether that’s ferrying young ones around town to soccer practice, being a shoulder to cry on or imparting their years of wisdom, the cluster of such duties takes a toll on their feet. Think of Pretty You as the podiatry saviours. We fly in with our cape on, and give your ladies feet the partners they have long craved. Stylish and comfy! So on Sunday, we implore all mothers to put their feet up, preferably in our slippers, and enjoy life. You deserve it! Sammy

    Wearing Slippers Outdoors?

    Have you ever thought about wearing your slippers outdoors? It’s certainly tempting, especially when you need a coffee fix or a packet of Oreos. In which case, a quick trot to the local 7-Eleven becomes more and more tempting. Then again, one never knows who’s out and about… perhaps an ex boyfriend, who won’t exactly kick himself for no longer being with you by virtue of you public display of slovenliness. Here at Pretty You, we’d like to think: should you find yourself away from the safe bosom of your home, wearing a pair of our babies, you could pull it off… Our designs thrill and afford that sense of regal superiority. Ciao for Now Sammy

    The Future Has Arrived

    Website 2.0 Launch! Well, here we are folks, welcome to the brand new Pretty You & Ugly Me London website! Sure, the last one was nice, but where does nice get you? Think of this website as more of a home from home. It’s jam packed with social media, snazzy pictures and interactive elements. Move over grandpa, 2.0 is here! We invite everyone to like our Facebook and Instagram page, follow us on twitter and subscribe to our imminent YouTube channel. We’d love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world! Don’t forget, you will be able to buy our ridiculously amazing slippers wherever you are soon enough. We ship internationally! All that remains to be said is: Have a PRETTY good time! Sammy Pretty You London

    Celebs & Their Slippers!

    You think you’re the only one who likes a comfy pair of adorable slippers? Wrong! We all do, especially celebrities. Imagine a day of being hounded by the paparazzo’s. (I must say it is something I could probably get used to…) Their feet need the royal treatment! Alexa Chung, one of the world’s elite supermodel’s has been instagramming her beloved slippers, and so has Naomi Campbell! I would dread to see the state of their catwalk-drunk feet. Better they stay hidden me thinks… I’ve been thinking about Uggs. Uggs on women- great. Uggs on men- not so great. Male Uggs = Making men look like mugs. Ugly me has broken the mould, traversed the social taboo of male slipper wearing. That’s all for now, Sammy Pretty You London