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    At Pretty You London we are always aiming to expand the lounge luxe lifestyle for you ladies and so it was only a natural progression that we create our first house shoe! Now, we know what you may be thinking, what exactly is a house shoe? Essentially, this super soft-touch loafer style slipper-shoe will take you from the sofa to the shops in style. With hard durable rubber outsoles you can wear these beauties out and about as you would a normal shoe, however due to the premium padded insoles, you have all the comfort of a slipper.

    In four beautiful designs, the Britt comes in two options, a classic black with a gorgeous gold star embroidery or a charcoal grey with scattered silver stars and pearls. The Blair is the Britt's cute girly twin, it is available in a light grey adorned with an adorable grey faux fur pom pom and in a beautifully soft pastel pink version with a cute bow and classic Pretty You London diamante embellishment. Let them take you from day to night, and morning to day in perfectly polished cosy style.

    Available for purchase here for only £39.50, you are not going to want to wear anything else! Finally comfort extends from the living room to beyond… your welcome!


    Autumn is right around the corner and with it being our favourite season, it is only right we get a wardrobe update for it. Unless you are just naturally a style goddess (lucky you), we all need a little inspiration to get our style ideas going for the new season, so we thought we would round up some of our current favourite looks...

    We do love a good trend, however it isn't always wise to go crazy on each one, instead we much prefer to stick to the classics with a few pieces of the current trends that fit into our own personal style.

    The ones we are loving for this upcoming Autumn Winter season is animal print (we told you the leopard was not going anywhere any time soon). Due to the all the different tones that leopard comes in, it is easy to find one that looks beautiful on you. We are also loving how our usual Autumn camels, nudes and beige tones have taken a bit of a deeper tone and moved into the browns for 2018. Silky pieces have been doing the rounds for a while now however they are set to shine (literally) this season when paired with chunky knits, sartorial goddess who? Lastly, the trend we are seeing everywhere is tweed, whilst we won't be buying a head to toe tweed look, a super cute mini skirt would look oh so Cher Horowitz, and who wouldn't want that?!

    We are also loving all our classic Autumn pieces once again for 2018, such as wrap wool coats, chunky knits, over the knee boots, and obviously, it is really even Autumn if you dont have leather somewhere in your outfit?

    Let us know in the comments below what trend you're loving for this Autumn, or your go-to look. And of course, if you are the type of woman that couldn't care less about anything other than her pjs when the dark Autumn nights creep in, (our kinda girl) then our beautiful stylish nightwear is ready and waiting to be owned by you here.


    Podcasts are the new IT thing in Pretty You London HQ - granted some of us are big on the whole crime themed podcasts, (not for the faint hearted, or those of us prone to paranoia if a man smiles at us in the supermarket, heaven forbid!). The real buzz however is all about the beauty podcasts, we wanted to round up our favourites and the ones that we think are amazing for those of you that are new to the podcast game. Be prepared for your commutes, your cleaning and every other chore in your life to get a whole lot more entertaining!

    Glowing Up

    If you only listen to one podcast, make it this one. If you want a girly chit-chat that will make you feel like you're hanging out with your friends (aka the point of a podcast) then this one is amazing! Esther's and Caroline's true love for limited edition products, and hatred of working out, makes you feel like they are your kindred spirits and that you're not alone in your 'glow ups' and 'glow downs'.

    Full Coverage

    This is a great podcast of 2 friends talking about makeup, one a professional and one not a professional but a beauty addict all the same. It is great to listen in on different girls opinions on the latest beauty products and trends, just so you get an honest insight on whether you should buy into them or not. Pre-warning: most of them we do want to, either way.

    Mirror Mirror

    If this isn't the best concept for a podcast, then we dont know what is. Each bi-weekly episode is about a completely different woman's beauty routine, with women from all different careers, ethnicities, lifestyles, etc sharing, this podcast is truly enjoyable. For those of you that don't have an overwhelming sense of curiosity to know what other women are using, then we applaud you, we however need to know.

    I'm Over It

    We defy you to listen to this podcast and not develop a girl crush on Atlanta, and all her podcast guests for that matter. This is the ultimate girl talk podcast, they chat all about botox, cat calling, vision boards, all the way into the more serious topics such as sexual assault and life after the event. Overall a really great podcast that makes you feel as though you've spent some quality time with your best friends.

    Fat Mascara

    As 2 of the most experienced beauty editors in the industry Jessica and Jennifer have access to a whole host of amazing guests, any advice they want to give, we want to take. With beauty tips ranging from the newest concept of facials to the 'pink bubble theory' (you need to listen to the podcast), we are in love with this honest, fun and informative podcast.

    Breaking Beauty

    This podcast recommendation comes with a warning... your bank account is going to take a huge decline because of all your new skincare purchases. Each week Jill and Charlene talk to the founder of a skincare (or makeup) brand, one word, inspiring. We love this podcast because it is so fascinating and informative! You fall in love with the brand's stories and it is amazing to hear about the science behind the ingredients of each brands most loved products. Be prepared to become a skincare goddess.

    Lady Lovin'

    We would be lying if we said we didn't listen to this podcast firstly because it was founded by Lo Bosworth, one of our favourite girls from The Hills, hello nostalgia. However, we continued to listen because we fell in love with her co-hosts Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titelman just as much and the forever ranging topics from beauty, all the way to business.

    At Home With...

    Hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner, 2 of the biggest OG british beauty bloggers, it it should come as no surprise that they have a huge array of amazing guests on their show. From guests such as Terry De Gunzburg, Alexia Inge and Liz Earle, founders of some of the biggest beauty brands we know and love, all the way to our favourite fashion and beauty bloggers like Patricia Bright, this relaxed 'chilled on the sofa with friends' vibe podcast is a true winner.

    The Emma Guns Show

    Again another podcast that centers around an interview aspect, Emma has guests on the podcast from the health, wellness and beauty fields. Perfect for getting the opinion of an expert, we love it because it is informative, inspiring and most of all entertaining because after all, that is all we want. With currently 150 episodes and counting, it is one you can really sink your teeth into!

    Let us know in the comments below your favourite podcasts because we love a good recommendation and honestly, the more we have in our rotation, the better!


    We love nothing more than a beautifully romantic parisian style interior, there is something so effortless about them, but at the same time they seem stunningly thought out and arranged. Regardless of Carrie Bradshaw's disastrous fantasy crumbling before us, our fantasy of living in Paris, surrounded by beautiful style, architecture and lots of cute coffee shops, has never been ruined. Most of us however will never live in Paris, so instead we can take inspiration from their gorgeously chic homes and incorporate their style into our home.

    Think soft muted colour palettes, with lots of tufted button furniture and metallic accents. Add light furniture for a more feminine look, or darker furniture for a richer feel. To stylise the parisian chic look in a more modern way add some mirrored furniture to pull together your new parisian style perfectly.

    What part of your home would you love to give a parisian chic makeover? Let us know in the comments below! For us it would definitely be our vanity... add a gorgeous glam pair of slippers underneath our chairs and our dream instantly becomes reality! Until next time pretties...


    Without a doubt, Rosie Huntington-Whitely is one of the most gorgeous women on earth, yet somehow we often find ourselves coveting something other than her perfect pout, luscious locks and handsome husband - her fab wardrobe!

    We're going to run through all of the tips and tricks we have taken from her style over the years to help elevate our own wardrobes.

    Rosie knows all too well that a perfectly placed accessory elevates a simple basic look into something effortlessly cool and stylish and her go-to accessory of choice is most definitely a fedora. Luckily for us, this is very easy to replicate, jeans, tshirts, heeled boots, fedora - and there you have it, perfect Rosie style.

    One thing Rosie knows how to do well is pull together basics in a beautifully polished look. Easily achievable for us all, as we already own similar pieces. Noted that Rosie usually achieves a more elevated look by either adding heels, a silky piece or a smarter piece such as a blazer. Essentially she is model off-duty perfection.

    One thing we see again and again in Rosies outfits is leopard. Whether it is a shirt, a skirt, a coat or a dress, Rosie knows how to style it, pairing it with neutral colours, Rosie always lets it be the statement piece in her outfit. 

    If you only learn one thing from Rosie's style, it should be that a good coat is everything. It can basically be the entire look like the teddy coat above (dream!) or that it has the ability to transform your look. Whether she is going for something more chic, something more relaxed and cool or something more boho, it is always her coat/jacket choice pulling it together.

    One our favourite looks from Rosie is her gorgeously pretty day dresses. Simply pair with some beautiful heels, an equally pretty bag and some glossed locks and call yourself Rosie because you are practically there, (maybe that is a little too optimistic... but we can try!).

    Let us know in the comments below which one of the above looks is your absolute fave and also which look you're going to try and recreate in your own wardrobe!