Slippers and Nightwear

All You Need to Know About Slippers and Nightwear


Luxury slippers

What's the epitome of luxury? Whatever you personally consider the epitome of luxury, we wouldn't be surprised if the dream involves getting into some slippers. You shouldn't underestimate the extent to which slippers can enhance the soothing experience overall.

There's an impressive choice in women's luxury slippers

We set up Pretty You London to offer women clothing that can help make them look and feel great. Naturally, in pursuing this mission, we have injected much variety into our stock of luxury slippers for women. Our female customers could easily feel like little girls at Christmas again!

This is clear when judging from our toe post slipper, our signature slipper that updates vintage glamour for the twenty-first century. Meanwhile, our mule slippers combine a closed toe with a padded sole to create warmth, and our one-bind sliders add prestige more subtly.

If your toes seem particularly sensitive to the cold, consider investing in a pair of super-soft booties, too. Our booties have been carefully designed to be just right for spells of luxurious lounging.

How men can add a prestigious touch too

We haven't left the men out! However, we know that men can have very particular requirements in slippers. It's important that men's luxury slippers can deliver the necessary comfort while remaining professional and understated in look. Our premium slippers for men tick all of these boxes.


 Ugly Me London Mens Slippers

Slippers for helping you to relax just before bedtime

If you want a comfortable night's sleep, you should aim to settle into a relaxing mood even before you slip into bed. Fortunately, our luxury bedroom slippers are conducive to fostering this mood and go well with Pretty You London nightwear such as pyjamas and nightshirts.

With luxury bedroom slippers and other nightwear from our stock, you can help yourself to keep insomnia at bay.

Cute slippers

If there is anything that slippers provide above all, it's comfort. As you lower your feet into this soft footwear after a long, hard day at work, you could feel the fur bristling against your skin, like a friendly cat nudging your ankles, and instantly feel relaxation wash over you.

However, slippers don't have to be merely practical - they can be easy on the eye, too! After all, you never know when you might catch yourself in the mirror or welcome guests to the home while relaxing in this footwear. There's plenty of choice in our stock of cute slippers for adults.

Feel like a lady in the right pair of slippers

We know that any particular person's sense of style can be as unique as their personality. That's why we offer slippers in various beautiful styles and colours. We offer toe posts, sliders, mules and booties in colours including cream, pink, purple, silver, grey and black.


The colour of slippers you wear can feed into the rest of your style. Pink is obviously girly and has a great sense of fun to it, but the whiteness of the cream colour is especially good for turning on the sex appeal. Meanwhile, grey is ideal if you would prefer to be attractive in a more understated way.

You can even choose from various cute house slippers

Our range of cute women's slippers extends to the footwear known as "house shoes". While these remain as comfortable and supportive as standard slippers, their durable rubber outsole makes them practical to also wear outside the house.

This means that you can look endearing - in colours like black, pink and grey - even when making quick trips to the shop in-between those relaxing sessions of Netflix streaming and catching up with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Types of Slippers

Slider slippers

What are the benefits of slider slippers? There are many - and with one of them, the clue is very much in the name "slider slippers"! This name refers to how easily each slipper can be slid on or off the foot as the wearer wants to put them on or remove them.

The slider slipper has a distinctive design: it is both backless and open-toed, making this footwear basically an open-toed mule slipper. However, the design is found not just in slippers, but in a broad range of footwear under the category of "sliders" or "slides".

Slider Slippers from Pretty You London Slider Slippers from Pretty You London Slider Slippers from Pretty You London  

How sliders have changed over time

Sliders have their origins in Ancient Rome, judging from documented history. However, many styles that we see in sliders today are of modern origin. As time has passed, sliders have become more notable in colour, while their rich functionality has not been overlooked.

The ease with which sliders can be placed on the feet and then removed as desired means that, when you want to relax, you might instinctively reach for such footwear. With our stock of women's slider slippers, you can have soothing footwear at hand on sleepy evenings or weekends indoors.

Slider slippers excel in both form and functionality

If you have ever felt a friendly cat gently nestling its head against your ankle, you can probably already easily imagine what it would be like for you to slip into fluffy slider slippers from Pretty You London. However, we are proud to say that none of our slider slippers use real fur.

Soft Cuddles with your cat in luxury slippers

Our faux fur slider slippers are aesthetically pleasing - and the one-band design of each of these slippers can easily delight women who could feel awe-struck by the highly feminine style. It's suitable footwear for when watching TV, reading a book... the list goes on!

Slipper booties

When the temperatures start to fall, it's naturally important for you to slip into something comfortable to help keep yourself warm. You could find this to be the case on both indoor and outdoor occasions, and it sheds light on why slipper booties can prove so useful.

What are slipper booties?

The term "slipper booties" is an alternative name for slipper boots, so-called as, though very much still slippers in look and feel, they are intended to look like boots. The pleasant softness of the material from which the footwear is made helps to explain the appeal of slipper booties for women.

These booties are usually furry. Indeed, our company, Pretty You London, offers no shortage of furry slipper boots that, we are proud to report, are made with faux fur rather than the real thing. A soft rubber sole is another typical feature of the slipper boot.

Bootie Slippers from Pretty You London  Bootie Slippers from Pretty You London    

Practical merits of slipper booties

Boots of this type are made to deliberately resemble sheepskin boots - footwear commonly worn for its ability to insulate the foot and so help keep it warm. Slipper boots, like sheepskin boots, can be worn outside, making them much more than just eye candy or stress-relieving footwear.

If you have previously worn or shopped for slipper boots, you might have come across a few which include a fleece or soft lining. This might have provided you with a valuable insight into the true variety of slipper booties that are available, but have you had a good look at our own range?

When you shop with Pretty You London, you can easily be excited by the choice of bootie slippers with rubber soles. Those soles can effectively support your feet and so soothe them, whether you head outdoors or have a cosy night in as snow accumulates on the other side of your windows.

Mule slippers

You might have been wearing mules for a long time, and not just when relaxing at home. The term "mule" is used for a type of shoe where no back or constraint surrounds the foot's heel. However, for much of its history, the mule design has been strongly associated with the slipper.

In a nutshell: the history of the mule

This history can be traced back to Ancient Rome; indeed, the word "mule" is derived from the phrase used for red shoes worn by Roman senators. However, though "mule" described a range of backless footwear in sixteenth-century Europe, the mule has often been believed to have a soothing effect.

This is evidenced by how, from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth, mules were slippers worn indoors in the bedroom or boudoir. For this reason, mules tended to be made as comfortable as the dressing gowns they were often worn with. 

A broad choice of women's mule slippers today

Nonetheless, aside from their backless form, early mules were not aesthetically distinguishable. Over time, this has changed as mules have effectively become fashion items.

With Marilyn Monroe and Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw having both famously worn mules, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the range of women's mule slippers has flourished. You only have to look at our own selection of ladies' mule slippers to see examples of this variety.

What types of mule slipper can you consider now?

We have carefully crafted our mule slippers to facilitate style, comfort and prestige. In each case, the closed toe and padded sole provide the comfort, but we haven't left out clever visual touches capable of making you gasp in awe when you see the footwear for the first time.

Our range even includes fur mule slippers; take heart that all of our fur slippers are faux fur.

House shoes

As you get back into your house after a long, tiring day at work, your first thought is probably to collapse onto a sofa and switch on the TV to allow yourself to relax. However, even watching TV might require occasional trips to fetch snacks, and that's where house shoes can come in useful.

What are house shoes?

The very term "house shoes" may initially confuse you, but this type of footwear could be described as a cross between an outdoor shoe and the humble slipper. This is because, while as comfortable as a slipper, a house shoe also comes with a durable outsole, increasing its versatility.

Fortunately, with our help, it's easy for you to buy house shoes with support that helps you to treat your feet as well as the rest of your body. Furthermore, due to the durable rubber outsole of all of our house shoes, they can even be worn outdoors for visits to the shop, post office or library.

The versatility of house shoes for women

We delight in helping women to spruce up their appearance, and we certainly don't neglect that responsibility with our cute house slippers. We offer these slippers in various colours that can effectively complement the rest of your wardrobe.

However, until you get hold of any of this footwear, you might not fully realise how many practical benefits can spring from the use of women's slippers with outdoor soles. Those shoes can already help to soothe your feet even if you only wear them indoors...

Still, the rubber outsoles mean that these shoes can continue providing their customary comfort and support to your feet even if - to list a few examples - you notice that a letter needs urgently posting, you are running out of milk, or your mobile phone needs extra credit.


Women's pyjamas

The loose fit of pyjamas - or, as you might routinely call them, "jim-jams" - lends this type of garment well not only to evening use, as is usually intended, but also lounging at other times of the day. The history of ladies' pyjamas shows how much the choice of such garments has flourished.

Pretty nightwear

Though many of us today might save our cosy pyjamas for when we go to sleep, your ancestors probably failed to form the same habit. As long ago as the seventeenth century, pyjamas reached England as "lounging attire" before falling out of fashion until the Victorian period.

At one time, the idea of nightwear being used to show off the wearer's style would have been deemed alien. That's in cases where nightwear would have been worn at all; clothing designed specifically for wearing while asleep did not come into use until the Victorian period, and even then, it was expensive. Today, a delightfully broad range of beautiful nightwear is available for women.

Fortunately, times have changed significantly since then. Not only has nightwear become affordable for the majority of people, it has been aesthetically improved in a myriad of ways. These days, there are many different appealing styles of women's nightwear in the UK.

How pyjamas have developed over the years

Traditionally, pyjamas have comprised a combination of jacket and trousers in a soft fabric like lightweight cotton. At Pretty You London, we offer women's pyjama sets in bamboo viscose which is not only delightfully soft but also eco-friendly and anti-bacterial.

However, the pyjamas that we stock are also examples of how contemporary pyjamas have diversified in style compared to their traditional predecessors. These days, whether you want striped pyjamas, floral pyjamas or jim-jams of a different design, you can get pyjamas that look very "you".

This further helps to explain why you could easily see the attraction of slipping into your pyjamas simply for relaxation with a good book or TV show long before bedtime. The pyjamas that we offer can even adjust to your body's temperature as a way of helping you to maintain your comfort as the hours pass.

You don't have to sacrifice your femininity as you sleep

Settling into slumber doesn't have to mean ceasing to look stunning, as you could easily attest if you have seen Sleeping Beauty. That's one reason why we provide ourselves on our provision of designer nightwear in the form of our "Dream" nightwear collection.

Whether you would prefer to buy a single nightshirt or complete nightwear set from Pretty You London, we make it easy for you to foster your femininity. The breadth of choice in nightwear available to women today puts much nightwear history to shame.

How the variety of women-friendly nightwear has flourished

At the advent of nightwear, the availability of this clothing was divided by class lines, with the mere ownership of nightwear thought to reflect one's wealth. In fact, until the 1920s, the choice of nightwear was practically divided by gender lines, too.

Pyjamas, for example, were deemed proper only for men, not women, to choose as nightwear. However, pyjamas then became trendier with women as the feminine possibilities with this type of nightwear dawned on them. On the subject of dawn, you could benefit from still wearing nightwear even then...

Dare to nightwear: style never sleeps

The female-oriented nightwear in our stock comes with many properties to recommend it, including a super-soft feel and eco-friendliness. As this clothing is capable of adapting to the wearer's body temperature, it can boost your comfort long before or after bedtime - no small advantage given how good-looking you can be in this nightwear!

How do you like your nightwear?

If you are shopping for new nightwear, you might already have a good idea of how you would like it to look. You might be interested in pyjamas, which are available as two-piece garments. Alternatively, you could forgo pieces that match, instead choosing a shirt and trousers that contrast.

That's the beauty of nightwear in the modern age; you have the freedom to choose the pieces of clothing that are especially pleasing to your own eyes. Women's pretty nightwear can also consist of nightdresses, loose-hanging items which can help female wearers to preserve their femininity at night.

Why might you ultimately choose a nightdress?

The nightdress - otherwise called the nightgown - is a type of nightwear aimed at women and often has aesthetic appeal at the forefront. A nightdress can, for example, feature decorative touches at their busts and hems, and come with any neckline.

As limiting your wearing of pretty nightdresses to evenings could feel wasteful, you could be hugely heartened to learn that using nightgowns as stylish home wear is a tradition going back to Victorian Britain. The nightdress grew in prominence during this era and remains formidable in appeal today, making it an obvious choice for a woman's wardrobe.