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    As it is stress awareness week we thought it was a great time for us to talk about what we do to help us relax and unwind after a stressful day.

    It may be helpful to let you know our favourite way to deal with stress in the moment, it is with the 5 by 5 rule - If it is not going to matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes upset by it. While this may not help all of the time it definitely helps to put some things in perspective for us.

    Onto the ways that we help ourselves unwind at the end of the day and help promote a less stressful mindset for ourselves.

    Unwind with exercise

    While this doesn't always appeal to us after a long hard day at the office in which we have felt particularly stressed. It does however always make us feel better, through the release of endorphins coupled with the ability to let out some of our frustrations. Plus the mentality that we have taken the time to do something that benefits ourselves is comforting.

    Have a long hot bath

    Fill a bath with bubble bath and muscle soak bath salts, jump in for at least half an hour and believe us when we say the stress seems to melt away. We put on some relaxing music or simply sit in the quiet and by just taking that relaxing time for ourselves makes the world of difference in helping us unwind.

    Fill your home with relaxing scents and sounds

    'Relaxing' room sprays exist for reason, along with our obsession for candles (see they all do serve a purpose!). Fill your home with your favourite scents and put on some relaxing background music, and after a while your body with start to associate these senses with relaxation. For reference our favourite scents are lavender, tonka bean, vanilla and jasmine.

    Make your bedroom your sanctuary

    For us it's essential that our bedroom feels like a safe and cosy relaxing place for us. Having plenty of soft pillows, cosy throws and bedding all helps us feel relaxed. Along with having our bedroom in a serene colour palette, pick colours that make you feel happy and peaceful, if you need a redecorate, trust us it is worth it.

    Read a book

    Now we know you will have all heard this a million times, but turning off all the tech at least an hour before you go to sleep and replacing it with reading a book has been scientifically proven to help. Scientifically. What much more do you need than that? Reading not only helps us feel relaxed but it is also gives us a little sense of achievement when we finish a book.

    Get cosy nightwear you feel comfortable in

    Of course our nightwear and slippers are very important to us. Getting into something we feel comfortable and cosy in once get out of our warm bath (see what we did there?) just gets us into the mindset of lounging and de-stressing. It also helps us sleep better which of course significantly impacts our mental health when it comes to dealing with stress.

    Create a regular schedule

    This helps us immensely in feeling we have control over our lives and therefore makes us feel more relaxed on a bigger scale, so the smaller stresses that pop up, tend to impact us less. Start sticking to a night time routine, with what time you have a bath, do your skincare, go to bed, wake up, etc. In no time at all it will become second nature (and then you won't have to stress about the schedule!)

    We hope this helps give you an idea about where to start when trying to create a relaxing, unwinding routine for yourself to decompress from the stresses of everyday life. Let us know in the comments if you put any of these into practice and whether they help you, or if you have any other suggestions! 


    As we move into the colder months we love to switch up our homes, our wardrobes, and of course, our makeup. As the mornings grow colder and darker, the time we want to spend in bed increases tenfold, and that means sacrificing our all too precious getting ready time. A woman knows however, that a little mascara, a touch of blush and bronzer and a great lip is all she needs for a day at the office. As it is the most crucial part of our Autumn makeup routine, we thought we would take you through our favourites lip colours for the season.

    Whilst a lot of us are not brave enough to wear the ultra dark vampy look on an everyday basis, it does mean that you can keep the rest of your face minimal. Also you would be surprised at how much more confident you feel in it after you've tried it a few times. Our favourites are MAC Retro Matte 'High Drama' and 'Zoeva Pure Lacquer 'Sensual Curve'.

    Now although we love a good seasonal dark lip, we can't forget about our nudes. We do however keep to the more brown undertones in the Autumn as opposed to pink nudes. The colour Emily Ratajkowski is wearing is pure perfection, however, annoyingly, we don't know what that exact colour is. Our favourites Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip 'Barely Nude' and L'Oreal Colour Riche Shine 'Dazzling Doe' are very similar though.

    For a night out we love a glossy berry lip! It is super flattering on all skin tones and looks beautiful with dark hair like Megan Fox's. The particular one she is quite unique however it is the perfect colour to try and recreate for the upcoming holiday season. We achieve it with Colourpop's Ultra Matte 'Rooch', topped with their 'Wolfie' Ultra Gloss.

    When you want a bit of colour but don't want to have to worry about the maintenance and top ups throughout the day, then a lip stain is the way to go. The Chanel Le Rouge Duo in 'Tender Beige' is absolutely perfect for day to day, we also love all the colours in the Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain collection for even less fuss.

    If you're a fan of a vibrant lip, then a beautiful orange red is always a winner in the Autumn months. Shay mitchell looks stunning in this colour and shows that is perfect paired with simple black dress. Experiment with MAC's 'Morange' Amplified Lipstick or if you don't think you will wear it that often, Maybelline's Colour Sensation 'Orange Danger'.

    Last but not least is our easy go to, a glossy nude lip. This one however is totally different...(honest!) as it has much more peach undertones. Essentially it's like adding a little pumpkin spice to your classic nude. Our favourites are Nyx Butter Gloss 'Madeline' and Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in 'Amber'.

    And there you have it, all the lip colours you need for the colder months. Honestly even if we are just lounging around the home in our pjs and slippers, putting a good lip colour on, always makes us feel more put together and ready for the day. Of course, we are always open to adding to our forever-growing lip collection, so let us know your must-haves in the comments below!


    Left to right: Afton Mink Bootie £32.50 | Amelie Cream £28.50 | Anya Mink £28.50 | Amelie Pink £28.50 | Assisi Black £28.50 | Afton Pearl £32.50 | Anya Cream £28.50 | Amelie Mink £28.50 | Anya Pink £28.50

    Our highly anticipated AW18 Collection is now finally available for pre-order! The latest collection has its usual distinctive glamour, whilst being more luxurious and premium than ever. With gorgeous diamante details and glamorous touches all wrapped up in gorgeous slippers made from the softest faux furs and velvets, this collection is truly our best yet.

    See sneak peaks of some of our stunning new styles launching in our beautiful lifestyle photography above. This year we wanted a truly luxury feel, from the materials we used, the styles we created, all the way down to the photography and the website. We hope you love the new look of Pretty You London and are just as excited as us to slip into your new slippers & nightwear this Autumn & Winter.

    Of course we can't discuss the new collection without also talking about that due to a very high demand we have brought back the 'Martha' style you all adored! However it is in all new gorgeous colours and with an even thicker, more luxurious faux fur than before, with a rename to 'Anya'. It has been given a full premium revamp to truly represent the luxury of the Pretty You London brand. The ultimate Pretty You piece that makes a stunning gift for any ladies in your life this holiday season, or you know, for yourself!

    We also have many other beautiful cosy booties with faux fur pom poms, glamorous toe-posts with gorgeous details and plenty of sweet one bands with adorable embellishments to spoil you with this season.

    Be sure to check out the new collection here to place your pre-orders now x


    As we have previously mentioned (about a 100 times already on this blog) Autumn is our favourite season and whilst we love a wardrobe update, the Autumn leaves and our trusty PSL, we are true homebodies at heart. So of course, we update our homes to reflect our Autumn mood with simple decor changes that are super easy to integrate. We thought we would share with you all the things we are loving at home this month...

    Faux fur and knit blankets

    Making our homes feel cosy is what we love most at Pretty You London. Faux fur and cable knit blankets are the easiest way to do this. Get curled up on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and let the Netflix binge commence...


    Is it even Autumn if you don't come home get in your comfies and light a candle? There are an abundance of seasonal appropriate scented candles, of course we love the classic pumpkin spiced, but we also adore warm vanillas and sandwoods.

    Autumnal Mugs

    If you don't have a cupboard full of mis-matched mugs then you can officially deem yourself more polished than the rest of us. Each Autumn we get a new mug to commemorate the return of our love and this year will be no exception. Getting out our new mug making ourselves a pumpkin spiced latte and getting snuggled on the couch is our idea of bliss.

    Bubble Bath

    When the colder nights start to set in we adore getting a warm (who are we kidding, boiling hot) bubble bath, with the candles lit, a good book and possibly a cheeky glass of wine! It helps us relax after a long day whilst simultaneously warming our bones through, as our grandmothers would say... 

    Pretty You Pyjamas

    Of course we couldn't not mention our gorgeous nightwear. Our bamboo was loved so much by all of you we have now made it part of our core collection, so it is still available all through Autumn & Winter along with our new beautifully cosy stripe nightwear... (launching soon!)

    Door Mat

    Whilst this may seem like an odd one, we have been loving our Autumn themed door mats. Having a cute little greeting to welcome you home never fails to put a smile on our face, who wouldn't love coming home to that everyday?

    Autumnal Wall Art

    As we change some of the decor in our homes to match the change in the leaves, our wall art is no exception. Whether you personally prefer prints or more 3D pieces, we love to update it for the season and you'd be surprised at how much of a difference it can make to the look and feel of your home.

     Fluffy Cushions

    The cushions on our sofa need updating every once in a while and in the Autumn we love to add some fluffy ones, usually in seasonal tones such as cream and camels, that pair beautifully with berries and greys... (and some velvet ones never goes a miss).

    Brushed Cotton Bedding

    While fresh bedding in general always makes us love our beds even more than we thought possible, in the Autumn and Winter months we love switching to a brushed cotton for a more cosy feel. Trust us when we say it truly feels as though you're sleeping in a cloud.


    Last but certainly not least, is of course our slippers! Getting home and slipping them on instantly gives us that perfect relaxed 'at home' feeling... our new collection is full of super soft faux furs and gorgeous velvets making them cosier than ever!

    Let us know in the comments below what your favourite things are in your home for the Autumn months...


    At Pretty You London we are always aiming to expand the lounge luxe lifestyle for you ladies and so it was only a natural progression that we create our first house shoe! Now, we know what you may be thinking, what exactly is a house shoe? Essentially, this super soft-touch loafer style slipper-shoe will take you from the sofa to the shops in style. With hard durable rubber outsoles you can wear these beauties out and about as you would a normal shoe, however due to the premium padded insoles, you have all the comfort of a slipper.

    In four beautiful designs, the Britt comes in two options, a classic black with a gorgeous gold star embroidery or a charcoal grey with scattered silver stars and pearls. The Blair is the Britt's cute girly twin, it is available in a light grey adorned with an adorable grey faux fur pom pom and in a beautifully soft pastel pink version with a cute bow and classic Pretty You London diamante embellishment. Let them take you from day to night, and morning to day in perfectly polished cosy style.

    Available for purchase here for only £39.50, you are not going to want to wear anything else! Finally comfort extends from the living room to beyond… your welcome!