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    We have finally had our first snow here in the UK and that means winter has officially arrived. While we love the aesthetic of it, when we have to schlep to work everyday and it feels like -4 degrees, we don't love it as much...

    With that being said, somehow we still manage to get excited when it comes to our outfits/new wardrobe. We thought we would do our usual outfit inspo for the new season and let you know what we will be wearing when we aren't in our pyjamas and slippers!

    Large oversized teddy coats were all of our best friends last winter, and we aren't willing to give them up yet. Super cosy and incredibly warm, we can all be snuggly grown women teddies together...

    Something new this season for us is head to toe knit. While we obviously wear tons of chunky jumpers every winter, we haven't started with the oh-so-cosy co-ords until now.

    Black boots, brown boots, snake boots, leopard boots, over-the-knee boots, basically, all the boots. Other than a mild weather trainer day, you'll see us in boots until the Spring... and even then we don't promise to stop wearing them.

    A winter classic for us is faux fur coats, this year we are mixing it up with some fun prints and colours, because well, why not? Plus it makes it all the more fabulous, and who doesn't want that?

    Wrapping ourselves up a big oversized scarves, not only makes us feel a bit warmer, but it also makes us feel much more cosy. Typically we love neutral greys and black as they go with everything, make them much more easier to style.

    We would love to know what your current winter wardrobe obsession is, because you know, we might need it too...


    As it is stress awareness week we thought it was a great time for us to talk about what we do to help us relax and unwind after a stressful day.

    It may be helpful to let you know our favourite way to deal with stress in the moment, it is with the 5 by 5 rule - If it is not going to matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes upset by it. While this may not help all of the time it definitely helps to put some things in perspective for us.

    Onto the ways that we help ourselves unwind at the end of the day and help promote a less stressful mindset for ourselves.

    Unwind with exercise

    While this doesn't always appeal to us after a long hard day at the office in which we have felt particularly stressed. It does however always make us feel better, through the release of endorphins coupled with the ability to let out some of our frustrations. Plus the mentality that we have taken the time to do something that benefits ourselves is comforting.

    Have a long hot bath

    Fill a bath with bubble bath and muscle soak bath salts, jump in for at least half an hour and believe us when we say the stress seems to melt away. We put on some relaxing music or simply sit in the quiet and by just taking that relaxing time for ourselves makes the world of difference in helping us unwind.

    Fill your home with relaxing scents and sounds

    'Relaxing' room sprays exist for reason, along with our obsession for candles (see they all do serve a purpose!). Fill your home with your favourite scents and put on some relaxing background music, and after a while your body with start to associate these senses with relaxation. For reference our favourite scents are lavender, tonka bean, vanilla and jasmine.

    Make your bedroom your sanctuary

    For us it's essential that our bedroom feels like a safe and cosy relaxing place for us. Having plenty of soft pillows, cosy throws and bedding all helps us feel relaxed. Along with having our bedroom in a serene colour palette, pick colours that make you feel happy and peaceful, if you need a redecorate, trust us it is worth it.

    Read a book

    Now we know you will have all heard this a million times, but turning off all the tech at least an hour before you go to sleep and replacing it with reading a book has been scientifically proven to help. Scientifically. What much more do you need than that? Reading not only helps us feel relaxed but it is also gives us a little sense of achievement when we finish a book.

    Get cosy nightwear you feel comfortable in

    Of course our nightwear and slippers are very important to us. Getting into something we feel comfortable and cosy in once get out of our warm bath (see what we did there?) just gets us into the mindset of lounging and de-stressing. It also helps us sleep better which of course significantly impacts our mental health when it comes to dealing with stress.

    Create a regular schedule

    This helps us immensely in feeling we have control over our lives and therefore makes us feel more relaxed on a bigger scale, so the smaller stresses that pop up, tend to impact us less. Start sticking to a night time routine, with what time you have a bath, do your skincare, go to bed, wake up, etc. In no time at all it will become second nature (and then you won't have to stress about the schedule!)

    We hope this helps give you an idea about where to start when trying to create a relaxing, unwinding routine for yourself to decompress from the stresses of everyday life. Let us know in the comments if you put any of these into practice and whether they help you, or if you have any other suggestions! 


    Left to right: Afton Mink Bootie £32.50 | Amelie Cream £28.50 | Anya Mink £28.50 | Amelie Pink £28.50 | Assisi Black £28.50 | Afton Pearl £32.50 | Anya Cream £28.50 | Amelie Mink £28.50 | Anya Pink £28.50

    Our highly anticipated AW18 Collection is now finally available for pre-order! The latest collection has its usual distinctive glamour, whilst being more luxurious and premium than ever. With gorgeous diamante details and glamorous touches all wrapped up in gorgeous slippers made from the softest faux furs and velvets, this collection is truly our best yet.

    See sneak peaks of some of our stunning new styles launching in our beautiful lifestyle photography above. This year we wanted a truly luxury feel, from the materials we used, the styles we created, all the way down to the photography and the website. We hope you love the new look of Pretty You London and are just as excited as us to slip into your new slippers & nightwear this Autumn & Winter.

    Of course we can't discuss the new collection without also talking about that due to a very high demand we have brought back the 'Martha' style you all adored! However it is in all new gorgeous colours and with an even thicker, more luxurious faux fur than before, with a rename to 'Anya'. It has been given a full premium revamp to truly represent the luxury of the Pretty You London brand. The ultimate Pretty You piece that makes a stunning gift for any ladies in your life this holiday season, or you know, for yourself!

    We also have many other beautiful cosy booties with faux fur pom poms, glamorous toe-posts with gorgeous details and plenty of sweet one bands with adorable embellishments to spoil you with this season.

    Be sure to check out the new collection here to place your pre-orders now x


    We love nothing more than a beautifully romantic parisian style interior, there is something so effortless about them, but at the same time they seem stunningly thought out and arranged. Regardless of Carrie Bradshaw's disastrous fantasy crumbling before us, our fantasy of living in Paris, surrounded by beautiful style, architecture and lots of cute coffee shops, has never been ruined. Most of us however will never live in Paris, so instead we can take inspiration from their gorgeously chic homes and incorporate their style into our home.

    Think soft muted colour palettes, with lots of tufted button furniture and metallic accents. Add light furniture for a more feminine look, or darker furniture for a richer feel. To stylise the parisian chic look in a more modern way add some mirrored furniture to pull together your new parisian style perfectly.

    What part of your home would you love to give a parisian chic makeover? Let us know in the comments below! For us it would definitely be our vanity... add a gorgeous glam pair of slippers underneath our chairs and our dream instantly becomes reality! Until next time pretties...


    Without a doubt, Rosie Huntington-Whitely is one of the most gorgeous women on earth, yet somehow we often find ourselves coveting something other than her perfect pout, luscious locks and handsome husband - her fab wardrobe!

    We're going to run through all of the tips and tricks we have taken from her style over the years to help elevate our own wardrobes.

    Rosie knows all too well that a perfectly placed accessory elevates a simple basic look into something effortlessly cool and stylish and her go-to accessory of choice is most definitely a fedora. Luckily for us, this is very easy to replicate, jeans, tshirts, heeled boots, fedora - and there you have it, perfect Rosie style.

    One thing Rosie knows how to do well is pull together basics in a beautifully polished look. Easily achievable for us all, as we already own similar pieces. Noted that Rosie usually achieves a more elevated look by either adding heels, a silky piece or a smarter piece such as a blazer. Essentially she is model off-duty perfection.

    One thing we see again and again in Rosies outfits is leopard. Whether it is a shirt, a skirt, a coat or a dress, Rosie knows how to style it, pairing it with neutral colours, Rosie always lets it be the statement piece in her outfit. 

    If you only learn one thing from Rosie's style, it should be that a good coat is everything. It can basically be the entire look like the teddy coat above (dream!) or that it has the ability to transform your look. Whether she is going for something more chic, something more relaxed and cool or something more boho, it is always her coat/jacket choice pulling it together.

    One our favourite looks from Rosie is her gorgeously pretty day dresses. Simply pair with some beautiful heels, an equally pretty bag and some glossed locks and call yourself Rosie because you are practically there, (maybe that is a little too optimistic... but we can try!).

    Let us know in the comments below which one of the above looks is your absolute fave and also which look you're going to try and recreate in your own wardrobe!